Construction - Debris Netting

Light weight and strong, high density polyethylene debris-netting provides excellent debris and dust control. , Useful for wind control and to contain and catch light debri falling from scaffolds, bridges and buildings under construction or restoration, Available in standard widths of 6ft and lOft in varying roll lengths and in custom sizes.

Polyethylene Netting

An HDPE netting that is lightweight, durable and particularly suitable for scaffolding or fencing

applications where the downward directional flow of falling debris is required. This netting decreases

wind flow and limits the passage of light rainfall. Available in 10' wide rolls in green colour.


PVC Coated Nylon Netting

A strong heavier duty netting suitable for controlling debris or chips from blowing onto adjioning
properties. Custom made for efficient installation or repairs. Available in a variety of colours.

Construction - Safety Fence


High visability orange, poly fencing in roll size of 4 ft x 50 ft. A strong, light weight plastic product with UV inhibitors. Easy to install and re-useable. Ideal as a warning fence and as a crowd control barrier.


Construction - Silt Fence

Silt fence is a temporary, effective and economical method to control sediment runoff. Silt fence prevents sediment carried by sheet water flow from leaving the site and entering natural drainage ways or storm drainage systems by slowing storm water runoff and causing the deposition of sediment at the fence structure. Our silt fence is a long lasting UV stabilized geotextile and is available in standard 3 ft, 4 ft and 6 ft widths in 300 ft rolls.

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