Poly Film - Green House & Nursery Film

Raise the bar and choose specialized films from our broad range of films for greenhouse any nursery use. We supply a wide range of films from 3 mil to 8 mil for over wintering, 4 year UV stabilized, high infrared retention and blackout applications. A Flame Retardant Greenhouse Film is also available for garden centers that require a product that provides shading, diffuses light and meets national fire code requirements.

Type Mil UV Width Remarks
4 Year 6 YES
1 Year Film 3, 4, 5, YES 10ft to 48ft Clear or White
Over Wintering 3.5 NO 20ft to 50ft Various Capicity
4 Year IR Film 6 YES 10ft to 50ft IR/AC, High Infrared Retention
Flame Retardant 6 YES 40ft Shading & Light Diffusion for Garden Centres
1 Year Blackout 6 YES 10ft to 40ft For Control of Photo Period

Poly Film - Agriculture

False Creek Industries supplies a variety of single layer film for general covering and co-extruded products for specialized silage film applications:

Product Mil UV Color Application
Single Layer C&A 1-10 mil NO Clear, Black Mulch, Bunkers, General Covering
Co-Extruded-2 Layer 4, 6 YES White, Black Reflective Ground Cover, Blackout Curtains
Tri-Extruded-3 Layer 4, 6 YES White, Black Specialized Silage Covers
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