Landscape - Ground Cover

Available in woven and non woven type materials for demanding landscape projects.


Woven Ground Cover     

A durable Style 994, high UV polypropylene product available in 3',4',6', 10',12', and 15.5' wide x 300 ft long rolls.

Non Woven Ground Cover                    

Needle punched UV polypropylene available in 4,6, and 8 oz/sq yd, 15' wide x 600' long rolls.


Landscape - Pond Liners

Custom made with dielectric or hot air seams to meet customer requirements.


- Reinfoced PolyEthylene
- Linear Low Density Polyethylene
- Blended Linear Polyethylene


Landscape - Poly/Black

Low density poly available in full guage thicknesses of 4 , 6 and 10 mil in a variety of widths x 100' long rolls.

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