Strip Door Viny/Dividing Curtains

Strip Door Vinyl

Available in a variety of thicknesses and widths to meet specific customer applications. Vinyl strips are transparent providing safe, easy passage for mobile and personnel traffic. Strip door vinyl:

Saves energy by creating an insulating barrier
Reduces dust, fumes and dust levels
Minimizes drafts, odors and noise creating an improved work environment
Available in full rolls, cut lengths or as ready made curtains with or without hardware
Vinyl strips are available in 8”, 12” and 16” widths

Dividing Curtains

Transparent and opaque vinyls are cost effective materials for creating industrial or warehouse curtains for environmental separation and for body shop curtains for wash down areas or dust isolation. Materials range from transparent/clear vinyls to reinforced vinyls in a range of colors that can be used solely or combined to create effective enclosure solutions. Curtains are web reinforced with eyelets for hanging and include either bottom pockets for weighting or eyelets for hanging stability. Contact us with your custom requirements for detailing and quotation.


Lifting Slings

Web Slings

False Creek Industries supplies an extensive line of quality nylon web slings in 1" , 2" , 3" , 4" , & 6" widths. Nylon slings are highly resistant to abrasion and stretch to cushion the load against sudden shocks. Available in Types 1,2,3 ,4 and 5 in single and double ply, wear pads and reinforced eyes. All slings are clearly labelled indicating the safe working load (SWL) for vertical, choker, and basket hitches.

The safe working load (SWL) is 1/5 of the breaking strength ( safety factor 5 to 1 ). Contact us for more information regarding the chemical resistance, care and common sling hitch usage details.
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